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26.08.2013No comments

I finished my entry for Ludum Dare 27. Hurrah!
(Ludum Dare is a game competition where you create a game in 48 hours from scratch and without help from others.)
It quickly became a little hommage to Portal, but without portals and without quality.

Link to the game (Unity web player)
Link to the Ludum Dare Entry





Yeah, it could be more original or of better quality. But there it is. Playable, with a few levels and does even have sound.
I learned a lot on this weekend. Here are some random thoughts:

– tackling all the side stuff (menus, level structure, narrator, music and sounds) on the first day really helped finishing the game, because it nearly was a complete game on the end of the first day, it just lacked content

– should have planned longer, maybe there would have been a better idea for a game which was more original and also doable in the given time

– should have prepared a “core library” with useful and necessary stuff, would leave more time for content creation and planning (generic libraries are allowed at Ludum Dare if you declare them beforehand)

– but Unity was already a great help regarding so many things

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