New Project: Death Trash

20.09.2015no comments

I have a new main project now.


Death Trash is a modern post-apocalyptic roleplaying game with influences of cyberpunk, science fiction, horror, the grotesque and trash-talk humor. It features a world full of dialogue and interesting characters, item crafting and realtime combat. Player freedom is emphasized and combat is not the only way to survive. Inspired by roleplaying classics like Ultima 7, Planescape: Torment and Fallout. Supports Mouse, Gamepad and Local Co-op.

As this is a vast project for me, this site will not see many updates in the coming future. If you’re interested in what I am doing, follow the development of Death Trash. You can also reach me on Twitter: @talecrafter

New Resolution: One Game a Week

11.03.2015no comments

I have a new resolution that goes like the following:
Create a new game every week. Work on it from Monday until the end of the week and upload it somewhere, so other people can play it and give feedback.

You can see from the portfolio of my website that I have mostly created small games in the past. At least those that I finished were of smaller scope. Right at the beginning when I took the path of the game developer, I knew that I had to take small steps if I ever wanted to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Still, there were projects where I saw more into them, felt more in tune with, wanted more out of it. What happened was they got a life of their own, they grew, ideas nurtured and attracted other ideas, the scope became bigger. All that without having a clear focus, being on my own and still not having perfected all the different fields of the craft.
On the other hand, I had good success with game jams, feeling the rush of adrenaline and getting so much done in such a short timeframe.
Two weeks ago, a new thought entered my mind: What if I could take the timespan of a week, a game idea like from a game jam, but more time to spend on polishing it up and creating some kind of content, and still have some free time left? This is of course no new radical idea, other people have done it before or are doing it. But in every creator’s heart is his/her wish to start the biggest work right now, craft his greatest idea, the magnum opus. I have countless ideas for games that would take years to create.

So it was not easy to give in to the thought of just one small (or even tiny) game every week. But two weeks in, I can feel that this decision was right. I am learning things on the fly, I am motivated at the beginning of the day and I do still have some free time for other stuff.

So, onwards, may the gods smile upon my little undertaking and grant me their strength. And if they ignore me, then to hell with them!

List of Games

Emporium – Arena Shooter

08.12.2014no comments


I took part in the Ludum Dare 24 Compo.
This is the result of two days of hard work:

in Emergency – Release

01.10.2014no comments

Today we (New Media Games and me) release a short adventure game on
Developed for Windows, MacOSX and Linux, in Emergency is a traditional PC game with mouse, keyboard and gamepad support.

in Emergency on

Have fun with puzzles and weird characters.



StoryCrafter September 2014

30.09.2014no comments

A current screenshot from my dialogue and cutscene tool “StoryCrafter” whose development time took a good portion of the last weeks. But it is getting to a state where working with it is a joy.


It’s a plugin for the Unity3D engine, which his has some drawbacks but also a lot of positive perks. I can code in C#, can use much of the already existing Unity funtionality and can directly test and debug the dialogues in the editor window.
The small adventure that is being worked on with this tool is coming soon.

Galaxy Conquest 3000

26.08.2014no comments

Seems that I am a regular participant of Ludum Dare. This time, it was the strict 48 hour competition again and it went rather well.
Galaxy Conquest 3000, the “product”, is an abstract turnbased strategy game.
You can try it here: Galaxy Conquest 3000


Tools for Adventure Games

22.06.2014no comments

Taking a little break from Two Moons and returning to an adventure framework, where I take some ideas from the standalone graphical adventure editor that I once developed in Flash and incorporate these in the Unity3D Engine. This takes time, but afterwards will hopefully give a good foundation of tools for storybased games. Perhaps not only for me, but for other Unity Developers as well.

Mugol is a little, misunderstood Homunculus. Well, at least the arrogant wizard does not understand him. The amoebe and the talking skull are a different matter, of course.

This is, again, a short game. The idea is to have a set of storytelling tools that enable me and others to create visual and interactive stories in a very short timeframe. This game will run on almost any platform and will be controllable by Mouse, Keyboard, Touch and Gamepads.

Afterwards, I can incorporate these tools in Two Moons and the roleplaying game that is creeping into my thoughts.



Holy Diver on Android and Ouya

08.05.2014no comments

Well, this has been a busy week. The small project “Holy Diver”, which originated on the Ludum Dare 29 Game Jam, is now also on the Ouya and on the Google Play Store.


Holy Diver – Summary
Android Version
Ouya Version

Holy Diver – Ludum Dare 29

29.04.2014no comments


Another Ludum Dare Entry. But this time I was part of team and so it was the 72 hour Jam. We think it came very well together at the end.

You can find some info and the download links here: Holy Diver

Prototype: From Darkness They Come

10.03.2014no comments

Last week I set on a new course with the goal to create one little game/prototype every week. This is alongside my greater projects like Two Moons and gives me room for experimentation and learning.
The first prototype is not really finished, has no audio, no ending, not much to do… yeah, you get the point. But one of the goals of these weekly experiments is to share and publish them.
So, here it is: